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Game center invasion

I liked that game but since iOS 9 update, EACH time I opened the app, I had a game center pop up ! App definitely removed from my iPhone. Too bad.

Bubble popper

Fun but can be dull


fun and addictive!!

Bubble explode

Bubble fun and "soapy"

Bigger bubbles = less fun

The recent update increased the minimum bubble size, making the game significantly less challenging and fun.

Excellent time waster!

This game is a great way to wind down and have a little fun. Very addicting, very fun! Worth the money.

I hate the last update of this game

Have been playing this game for two years, but the last update was the last time when I play. Not going to use it any more!!!! and wont advise to you!

Get free version

I like this game so bought the ad-free version thinking it would be better quality than the free version. Not so. The list of bonus shapes is inaccurate and difficult to access. The advertised Undo feature is missing from the games I like. Just enjoy the free version and dont bother paying for it.

The Game is Ok

I wish I could give it a higher rating but I read that the game ends when there no more bubbles yo explode but the game ends when it gets good and ready. It still entertaining though.

Love this game

Best one for killing time. Nice graphics and ambiance. Gladly paid the cost for it.

Fun, fun, fun

Addictive and fun

problems 10.0.2

Absolutely no sound with 10.0.2 update. Please fix an otherwise good game.

Super App!

Best game app! Lots of fun. Lots of challenges. Keeps the brain sharp! Love it.


Great game. Truly enjoy playing and getting lost in all the options

So much good... with one frustration

This game has been on my phone now for longer than anything else, I think. It is fun to play, fast to open, and a great little time-waster! :) Sadly it has one major flaw: Scoring. Contrary to what you might expect, you are not trying to create amazing cascades of exploding bubbles. No, there is apparently a secret library of special shapes that you get big scores for popping. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which shapes the developers deemed worthy of scores, and which are a waste of time. So you randomly pop groups of bubbles and - every once in a while - you get a special score. Ultimately this means there is really no way to get onto the high score list via skill... it is pure accident. And that is really frustrating in such a fun little game.

popping color bubble wrap

even more addicting than popping plain bubble wrap!

Bubble explode

Absolutely love this game, not a day goes by that I dont play!

Addictive, but could be clearer

Love the game, a visual bubble layout of the shapes which score (L, T, Gull, line, fork, stairs, etc) would be helpful. Theres a typo in the Classic "?" area.

Very addicting!!

Love this app, I play it every day!!

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